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Whenever one is dealing with emergency medical services one needs equipment that is safe and trustworthy at the EMS superstore we deal with the selling of not only professional life-saving equipment but those of quality.

Safety comes first for us that’s why we supply you with reliable safety equipment and whenever looking for a reliable medical supply store near me, trust EMS Superstore.

We do supply a variety of safety equipment but below are few of them:

Sanitizer bleach wipes

Our sanitizers by microdot which have high percentages of alcohol that are commendable by WHO.

It is safe to use on hands for it does not dry the skin and are medically approved by EPA making them safe to use.

Both of our sanitizers and microdot bleach wipes can be used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

They contain antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria in just five minutes.

Additionally, the wipes come in a tightly sealed pack leaving no chance for contamination.


No contact infrared thermometer

Our thermometers are fast and efficient to use for they enable one to get a reading with no delays.

Some of its features are:

Has a memory setting button that helps one to record and view previously done tests using the thermometer.

Mode button that helps set from Fahrenheit to centigrade vice versa by using the plus and minus sign at the side of the thermometer.

Alarm setting button that helps set the beep sound while using the thermometer.

It can be used to measure temperature on surfaces and human beings.


Microflex N19 cobalt glove

These gloves come in different sizes which are small large medium and XL.

They are strong hence they are durable and reliable.

The Microflex N19 cobalt gloves come in handy when handling delicate tools for they are good in offering a firm grip.

It can be used by various people be it in the food sector, industrial or medical sector among others.

The best thing about it is that it was made in consideration of those who have latex-sensitive skin. They hardly react with it for it has4mil nitrile that helps prevent latex allergic reaction.

The Microflex N19 Cobalt gloves essentially offer protection to your hands leaving no room for exposure while handling sensitive equipment, people, or surfaces.


In conclusion

The EMS superstore is the most reliable medical supply store near me that keeps your safety in mind before anything else Also note that there are various EMS equipment in the store these are just but a few of the products.

We do operate on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. You can visit our operative and functional website that is WWW.THEEMSUPERSTORE.COM

The best thing about our products like gloves it’s that it is not only limited to the medical field can be used by anyone in fields that require safety precaution while handling things.

At the EMS superstore, we care about your safety and wellness. That’s why we provide you nothing but the best equipment used for emergency medical services.

Whenever looking for a medical supply store near me, choose the EMS superstore we never disappoint!

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