Alaris Medsystem III 2860 Series IV Multi-Channel Pump.

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Item: ALARIS2863IV


  • Inclusion of a slide-clamp mechanism to prevent the accidental free flow
  • Needle-free compliance. Because the SmartSite® valve is activated with a standard Luer, the use of needles is eliminated
  • Latex-free, eliminating the potential for latex sensitivity



CareFusion Alaris MedSystem III (Model 2865B) Infusion Pump – CareFusion offers latex-free IV administration sets that are for use with the Alaris®MedSystem III® multi-channel infusion system. These IV administration sets feature an integrated anti-free flow mechanism to help prevent accidental free flow. The MedSystem III® infusion pump is designed for use with the dedicated MedSystem III® pump administration set.

The MedSystem III® Infusion Pump offers versatility with patients in the field throughout their hospital stay. It meets a wide range of infusion needs, where the unique clamping system allows pump attachment virtually anywhere.