Allied Healthcare AutoVent 4000 Series Transport Ventilator

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$3,587.50 – 6,329.38

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AutoVent 4000 is the next generation of transport ventilators. It has been designed to meet your need for reliable transport ventilation and CPAP in a wide range of situations, from basic life support to more sophisticated air and ground transport. This rugged ventilator features the lightest weight in its class and runs off pneumatic power. It has independent settings for breaths-per-minute, inspiratory time and tidal volume, providing the flexibility needed for optimum patient care. Available in four models. Models L760 and L761 measure: 2.9 inch x 9.6 inch x 6-1/2 inch. Models L762 and L763 measure: 2.9 inch x 9.6 inch x 8.0 inch


  • Operation with HP Oxygen
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief w/Alarm
  • Adjustable Tidal Volume
  • Low Source Gas Pressure Alarm
  • Adjustable BPM
  • Manual Breath Button
  • Child and Adult Settings
  • Color-Coded Labels & Gauge for Initial Settings
  • Internal Demand Valve
  • Air Mix Mode (L761 & L762 only)
  • Manometer Readout
  • Electronic Alarm Package (L762 & L763 only)
  • Anti-Breath Stacking