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AMLS Greek: Προηγμένη Ιατρική Υποστήριξη AMLS Μια προσέγγιση βάσει αξιολόγησης


Δεύτερη έκδοση

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

ISBN: 9781284148213

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Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) is the leading course for prehospital practitioners in advanced medical assessment and treatment of commonly encountered medical conditions. Endorsed by the National Association of EMS Physicians, the course emphasizes the use of the AMLS Assessment Pathway, a systematic assessment tool that enables EMS practitioners to diagnose medical patients with urgent accuracy.

In the Second Edition of AMLS, students learn to recognize, assess, and manage common medical crises in patients. Topics covered include: respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, shock, neurologic disorders, abdominal disorders, endocrine and metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, environmental-related disorders, and toxicologic emergencies.

Critical thinking scenarios encourage interaction and challenge students to apply their knowledge to realistic situations.  During the scenarios, students:

  • Are at the patient’s side from arrival on scene to delivery to the hospital.
  • Assess, review, and discern the possible diagnosis of the patient.
  • Choose the next step to take on the AMLS Assessment Pathway.
  • Confirm the final diagnosis and provide ongoing prehospital management of the patient.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Refined AMLS Assessment Pathway.
  • Clear emphasis on the BLS provider and integration with ALS throughout the assessment process.
  • Expanded content on highly critical patients.
  • Expanded content on environmental-related disorders.
  • Expanded content on infectious diseases.

To place your order for the AMLS Instructor Update, please call our Customer Service team directly at 1-800-832-0034  X2. The AMLS Instructor Update is required for all current AMLS instructors, coordinators, or affiliates to be updated on all aspects of the new edition.