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Field Guide to Accompany High Angle Rescue Techniques


ISBN: 9781284043914

Third Edition

Tom Vines; Steve Hudson


Convenient and easy to carry, this unique field guide provides easy access to a variety of common high angle situations and procedures in the field. The High Angle Rescue Techniques Field Guide offers:

  • Easy portability making it ideal for rescuers, students, and trainers
  • Comprehensive coverage of NFPA and OSHA guidelines
  • Scores of illustrations, including diagrams of important ropes and knots procedures
  • Equipment lists for procedures to aid rescuers in preparation

Learn more about the High Angle Rescue Techniques, Third Edition textbook.

*Offers the latest in compliance with nationally recognized standards set by NFPA, ANSI, and OSHA.

*Uses extensive illustrations and diagrams of procedures and tying knots.

*Makes an ideal quick reference and goes anywhere you go – in the field or in the classroom.

  • Section 1  Rope Care
  • Section 2  Knots and Anchoring
  • Section 3  One-Person Techniques
  • Section 4  Communications Coordination
  • Section 5  Litters
  • Section 6  Lowering, Belaying, and Hauling
  • Section 7  Rigging Calculations
  • Section 8  Helicopters
  • Index