First Aid, Emergency Preparedness Grab-And-Go Pod

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  • Material: Plastic
  • An emergency preparedness pod is ideal for a grab-and-go situation
  • Includes bandages, hand sanitizer, a face mask a light stick, and more
  • The pod consists of 4 oz emergency drinking water, emergency poncho, emergency blanket, emergency whistle, face mask with ear loops, emergency light stick, Red Cross first aid guide, (2) nitrile exam gloves, hand sanitizer packet, (3) BZK antiseptic wipes, (5) junior bandages, (5) 3/4 inch x 3-inch plastic bandages, fingertip bandage, and knuckle bandage
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This ergonomic grab-and-go pack contains a wide array of essential items that employees can use during a catastrophic event such as a natural disaster. It contains the essential items needed to manage common emergencies and designed to fit the needs of each workplace.

Piece Count Description
1 Emergency Drinking Water, 4oz
1 Emergency Poncho
1 Emergency Blanket
1 Emergency Whistle
1 Face Mask with Earloops
1 Light Stick
5 Plastic Bandages, ¾” x 3″
5 Junior Plastic Bandages, 3/8″ x 1½”
1 Fingertip Fabric Bandage
1 Knuckle Fabric Bandage
2 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
1 Hand Sanitizer Packet, 0.9g
1 First Aid Guide
2 Nitrile Exam Gloves

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