Kemp USA EMS Drug Medication Pouch


Item # 10-128

The Kemp USA medication drug pouch is a smaller-sized EMS bag that is designed to store medication vials and other essential tools. It holds and secures a large variety of oral, IV medications and tools for basic to advanced medical care. This pouch is a must-have for any Paramedic or advanced EMTs. It provides organization and quick access to a variety of all necessary medications.

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Interior has rollout flaps with extra storage, hook and loop compartments, and 17 mini pockets (ranging from small, medium, to large) for storing vials. The row of MOLLE webbing can be used to store tools and syringes. The inside is lined with reflective mylar insulation material to help keep temperatures down during the hot summer days.

Exterior includes reflective front and back panels along with clear and durable pockets which allow for easy viewing of contents. This bag is made of durable water-resistant nylon and features highly visible reflective trim. Large zipper pulls make it easy to open and close quickly.

Other names for this type of drug pouch can be called Medication Modules, Medicine Cells, or MedKit