Little Anne QCPR 4-pack

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  • 4 manikins
  • 8 manikin faces
  • 8 airways
  • 24 manikin wipes
  • 4 jackets for manikins
  • 4 training mats
  • Soft carrying cas


Little Anne® QCPR Training Manikin with Soft Pack/Training Mat by Laerdal. Getting and providing CPR feedback by just watching students perform can be a challenge for CPR instructors. Laerdal is proud to introduce the next generation of our Little Anne manikin, the Little Anne QCPR. The latest Little Anne includes QCPR measurement and feedback technology that takes the guesswork out of instruction, and it can all be done from the palm of your hand. Little Anne QCPR works with an instructor app that allows the instructor to monitor and coach up to six students at once, and a learner app that lets students monitor their own performance.
Little Anne QCPR helps instructors improve CPR training quality and efficiency in their courses while adding a fun and engaging element for students that has been shown to promote learning and motivation.
Little Anne QCPR remains the same durable, lightweight manikin as the original Little Anne, but now includes QCPR technology that provides:
  • Real-time feedback on compressions and ventilation
  • A summary with an overall score and improvement suggestion
  • Details on compression release, depth, and rate, ventilation volume, number of compressions/ventilation/cycles
QCPR Instructor App for instructors to monitor multiple students:
  • Free download on App Store (search “QCPR Instructor”)
  • Connects to 1-6 manikin(s)
  • Shows live and summative feedback of CPR performance
  • Provides suggestion for improvement, post-session
  • Results are saved in the app
QCPR Learner App for students to monitor their own performance:
  • Free download on App Store and Google Play (search “QCPR Learner”)
  • Connects to 1 manikin
  • Shows live and summative feedback of CPR performance
  • Provides suggestion for improvement, post-session
  • Results are saved in the app
  • Provides a tethered, “plug and play” option
  • Can be used standalone or as a supplement to either of the apps

Little Anne QCPR is available in light or dark skin tones and as a single manikin or a convenient 4-pack. Make your skin tone and quantity selections by using the drop-down boxes above. Includes 4 Little Anne QCPR Manikins, 1 large 4-pack carry case, 8 Manikin Faces, 8 Little Anne Airways, 24 Manikin Wipes, and Directions for Use. SkillGuide sold separately.

For updates on the Little Anne QCPR Sensor, QCPR Instructor, and QCPR Learner Apps: Software updates for Little Anne QCPR Sensor, QCPR Instructor and Learner App

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