PAK2-P iv fluid warmer


Item: 12VPK3L12

12 Volt Operation

All electrical units are available with an optional 120 / 240 vac to 12 VDC power converter for use with standard house current. The cost is an additional 75.00




Since 1992, Smithworks Medical, Inc. has built thousands of iv fluid warmers for EMS, military and clinical use. With the PAK2-P by Smithworks Medical, Inc.™, you will have all you need to get warmed fluids to the patient. No messing around to find parts to assemble like some in-line units. The PAK2-P iv fluid warmer is a terrific way to deliver warm fluids to the patient.

The PAK2-P iv fluid warmer is user-friendly, assures accurate warming of your iv solutions and maintains a normal body temperature for year-round rapid interventions of shock, burn patients, pediatric emergencies, geriatric care and care of patients unable to maintain normal body temperature as well as environmental emergencies.

Pelican box is compact measuring 16” x 12” x 7”.

Durable, Accurate & Insulated

The “PAK2-P”™ iv fluid warmer is a portable device, built into the durable Pelican™ 1450 Case. The iv fluid warmer fluid capacity is 4 liters

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