Philips HeartStart FR3 AED


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Infant/Child Key
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HeartStart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED with advanced features for the professional responder. The FR3 reduces deployment time by eliminating steps and helps you start the right therapy on your patient faster.


  • Fast Therapy
    • Automatic turn-on when the case is opened
    • Pre-connected SMART Pads III without the foil pouch
    • Use same adult electrode pads, no separate pads to change out for pediatric rescue
    • Defibrillator automatically adjusts the shock strength
    • Adapts the rescue guidance to provide pad placement and CPR instructions appropriate for children
    • Fewer steps during a child emergency
    • Key does not expireBilingual capabilities – Language Card
      • Use to change the primary language of the unit
      • Use to add a secondary language to the unit
    • “Quick Shock” capabilities
      • Less than 8 seconds to deliver a shock
      • Less wasted time during critical moments
    • Rugged
      • Built for demanding environments and conditions
      • Can withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, dust, or wet environments
    • Daily self-tests – ensure unit is ready to be used in a rescue
    • Fast handoff to EMS
      • Pads unplugged from FR3 can be plugged into the Philips MRx unit
      • Saves time when every second matters