Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Battery Operated Reusable.

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Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Pocket Size Battery Operated Reusable Each

NONIN 9590

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  • Accurate — Scientifically proven performance in the widest range of patient populations and settings
  • Durable — Protects against dropping and water spills; allows for thousands of uses in the most demanding environments
  • Efficient — Up to 6,000 spot checks or 36 hours of continual operation on two AAA batteries
  • Safe — Built in the USA with lead-free and latex-free construction
  • Versatile — One unit works on the widest range of patients from pediatric to larger adult patients – on fingers, including the thumb or toe, that is between 0.3 – 1.0 inch (0.8 – 2.5 cm) thick.
  • Cost-Efficient — Proven accuracy, quality, and durability make the Onyx Vantage a smart purchase

In the Box:

  • Nonin 9590 Onyx Vantage Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • 4-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 3 colors — Black, blue, and red
  • 2 AAA batteries – for up to 36 continual hours of use, or 6,000-period spot checks Free from lead and latex-free
  • Free Lanyard
  • Free Carrying Case
  • Made in USA

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