Quantum, Isolation Containment Cell



EMS World Top Innovation Award

This waterproof containment stretcher is used for transporting
contaminated patients requiring medical attention. The
isolation cell is under negative pressure relative to surrounding
areas to prevent leakage into the environment of pathogenic
microorganisms. This negative pressure is provided by a filter
engine attached to the foot end of the unit.
Its flat base enables it to be used in conjunction with many
medical costs and patient transportation devices.

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Height 21 inches
Width 30 inches
Length 80 inches
Weight 38 lbs



• 2 gloves to allow for patient
• 2 sealing plugs for passing pipes
• 4 Patient Straps
• 2 Stretcher Straps



• Unique patented inversed welded zipper preventing
• Commercial grade engine creates negative pressure
relative to surroundings to prevent outside exposure
• Filters on top of the unit preventing any blood or
bodily fluids from entering filters and clogging them.
• The cell can be set up in minutes, saving time and
money sealing the back of an ambulance
• Can be folded down into a compact canvas bag that
can be carried by hand and easily stored
• Suction engine capacity 160 liters/Autonomy 8H