Sick/Not Sick: A Guide to Rapid Patient Assessment


ISBN: 9780763758769

Second Edition

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons


Completely updated with new case studies throughout, Sick/Not Sick, Second Edition is designed to help EMS personnel develop rapid patient assessment skills. This resources distills years of field experience into a workable formula that both inexperienced and experienced providers can use. Sick/Not Sick teaches EMS personnel how to quickly collect information and discern what details are important in order to provide immediate initial care. After all, in EMS it comes down to whether the patient is SICK or NOT SICK.

The Second Edition includes:

  • Over 30 new adult and pediatric medical and trauma case studies.
  • Updated content, incorporating information from the National EMS Education Standards.
  • Scenarios and Case Studies: Allow you to see how the SICK/NOT SICK approach to patient assessment enables rapid decision making and action on scene, for both adult and pediatric patients.
  • SICK/NOT SICK Principles: Tip boxes highlight and elaborate on SICK/NOT SICK topics presented in the text.
  • SICK/NOT SICK Flowchart: Organizes observations made during a call, so that you can quickly make decisions about treatment and transport.
  • Prep Kit: Reviews what you have learned in each chapter, using—
    • Summary: A quick review of the main topics covered in each chapter, in bulleted format.
    • Vital Vocabulary: Key terms highlighted throughout the text and listed with definitions at the end of each chapter.
    • Section Review: End-of-section review questions test your SICK/NOT SICK knowledge.
  • Pretest, Quizzes, and Skills Checklists: Test your ability to make rapid patient assessments.
  • Section  1  Adult SICK/NOT SICK
  •   Chapter  1  Why SICK/NOT SICK?
  •   Chapter  2  SICK/NOT SICK in a Nutshell
  •   Chapter  3  SICK/NOT SICK Starts While You Are En Route
  •   Chapter  4  The Clinical Picture of a Medical Patient
  •   Chapter  5  The Clinical Picture of a Trauma Patient
  •   Chapter  6  Make a Decision
  •   Chapter  7  What If I Make the Wrong Decision?
  •   Chapter  8  Common Mistakes
  • Section  2  Pediatric SICK/NOT SICK
  •   Chapter  9  Pediatric SICK/NOT SICK in a Nutshell
  •   Chapter  10  The Pediatric Triangle
  •   Chapter  11  Pediatrics: Make a Decision
  • Section  3  Case Studies
  •   Chapter  12  Medical Case Studies
  •   Chapter  13  Trauma Case Studies
  •   Chapter  14  Pediatric Case Studies
  • Appendix  A  Quizzes
  • Appendix  B  Skills Checklists


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