Soft Sack iv fluid warmer


Item: 12VSS3L02

12 Volt Operation

All electrical units are available with an optional 120 / 240 vac to 12 VDC power converter for use with standard house current. The cost is an additional 75.00



The Soft Sack iv fluid warmer™ was developed for use in inclement regions, operations in hostile environments, and for rescue operations. The Soft Sack iv fluid warmer™ incorporates the time-proven electronics engineered for the FloorMount iv fluid warmer (thousands of units in operation).

Built of rugged Cordura and lined with a layer of Thinsulate insulation and an inner lining of Mylar™ heat reflective material, this is the finest EMS fabric-based iv fluid warmer on the market. Built with a snap-in electronics component, the Soft Sack iv fluid warmer can easily be re-manufactured to its original specification after years of service. If the fabric materials are overly soiled or damaged, snap out the electronics and repair or replace the bag.

Controlled to a temperature of 36° to 38° Celsius (99-101°F.), our iv fluid warmers maintain a normal body temperature infusion for year-round interventions of shock, burns, pediatric emergencies, geriatric care, and the care of patients unable to maintain normal body temperature, as well as environmental emergencies.

Key Features Include:
– Fuse Protected Power Supply
– Anodized Aluminum Heater Housing
– Fuse Protected Circuit Board Controller
– Over Therm Fuse in Heater
– 12 Volt Operation
– Optional 120 vac adapter
– “Snap-In” Aluminum Electronics Housing
– 3 Liter Capacity
– Pouch for iv Catheters, Tubing, and Other iv Accessories
– Insulated Cordura Bag
– Mylar Heat Reflective Inner Lining
– 3 Year Limited Warranty
– Dimensions are 12 1/2″ x 12″ x 5 1/2″
– Four-Point Tie Down Ring For Aviation

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