TrencTrench DVD



First Edition

Cecil “Buddy” V. Martinette Jr.



Learn essential trench rescue procedures from one of the industry’s leading experts!

The Trench Rescue DVD contains real-life footage demonstrating the practical procedures discussed in the Trench Rescue text. The DVD, which covers both Operations and Technician levels skills, shows students how to successfully perform each skill and offers helpful information, tips, and pointers.

  • ection  One  Trench Considerations
  • Section  Two  Ground Pads
  • Section  Three  Shoring Panels
  • Section  Four  Panel Use
  • Section  Five   Shores
  • Section  Six  Straight Wall Trench
  • Section  Seven  Single Wall Slough
  • Section  Eight  Inside Wales
  • Section  Nine  The “T” Trench
  • Section  Ten  The “L” Trench
  • Section  Eleven  The Deep Wall Trench


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