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Tempus Pro Demo Request is a great way to learn the ins and outs of this superb machine.

An advanced vital signs monitor for medical professionals; intuitive to operate, ground-breaking in size, weight and functionality.

Tempus Pro, Mobile Integrated Healthcare, Now 501(k) Approved!!!

The EMS Super Store is proud to partner with Philips/RDT as their exclusive GA distributor for the Tempus ALS monitor/defibrillator solution. In addition to the exclusive distribution rights in GA, The EMS Super Store also serves as a Tempus ALS distributor in other States including AL,MS and TN.

Bringing CPR Training to You

In addition to TheEMSSuperstore.com we have also launched some additional CPR websites that allow us to either bring training to your company or you can come to our facility to have your CPR training. Check out our classes today - whether you never have been certified or need to be recertified. These are: