AED for gyms

AEDs for Gyms are an important addition to any gym, fitness center, or other type of workout facility. AEDs can provide critical lifesaving support in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). In fact, the American Heart Association now recommends that all gyms have at least one AED on site.

What is an AED and what does it do?

An AED is a portable device that uses electrical shocks to restore normal heart rhythms during an SCA. AEDs are easy to use, and more and more public places like gyms are making them available.

If someone in your gym experiences an SCA, having an AED on hand can make all the difference. Time is of the essence when it comes to SCA, and AEDs can help EMS providers arrive on scene with a patient who has a better chance of survival.

The importance of having an AED in a gym?

Gyms are a great way for people to get and stay fit, but they can also be dangerous places. Getting fit generally increases your heart rate which in some cases can lead to a cardiac event.

An AED can save someone’s life in the event of a cardiac arrest, so it’s important that gyms have them readily available.

How to use an AED?

When someone experiences a cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating. AEDs are used to restart the heart. An AED is a small, portable device that can be used to deliver an electric shock to the heart. This can restore a normal heartbeat in someone who has had a cardiac arrest.

First, you’ll need to call 911 and then follow the instructions on the AED. It’s important that everyone that works in the gym knows where the AED is located and how to use it. And for those that are in the gym, the AED should be in an easily seen area.

Where can I find an AED for my gym?

You can purchase AEDs from a variety of places, including the EMS Superstore. We offer a wide selection of AEDs to meet the needs of your gym. We also offer AED training and AED service contracts to make sure that you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

Pros and cons of having an AED in a gym?

There are both pros and cons to having an AED in a gym. Some of the pros include that it can save lives, it’s easy to use, and it’s portable. Some of the cons include the cost of purchasing and maintaining an AED, as well as the need for trained personnel to operate it. But overall the pros out weigh the cons when it comes to having an AED in a gym.

If you’re interested in purchasing an AED for your gym, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you find the right AED for your needs.

The EMS Superstore has, and always has been about focusing on one mission: selling quality professional life-saving equipment, providing second to none customer service, and an unselfish commitment to you, our customers 24/7. If you have any questions about AEDs for Gyms or our other products please call us at (770) 672-7911 or fill out our contact us form and we will assist you in any way we can.




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