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MICROFLEX Cobalt Glove

The Microflex cobalt glove is an excellent example of a multi-purpose standard cuff length glove that can be used as part of cleaning equipment or even as part of personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals. It is a latex free glove which also means that it is a powder free glove, which is great news in terms of avoiding allergic reactions and maintaining high standards of hygiene.

As a result the glove is earmarked as medical examination grade. This effectively means that these 4 mil nitrile gloves are cleared for use by healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors and dentists alike. It is also worth noting that the glove has also undergone significant testing for use with a variety of chemotherapy drugs. The glove has passed that testing meaning that the glove poses no risk to the treatment of cancer patients.

While the glove is not sterile in the sense of a surgeon's prepacked glove, it is fully US FDA cleared which means that the glove is permissible for use with food preparation and within the general perishable food industry. This means that the glove has a high standard of hygiene when first donned straight out of the box.

The Mircoflex cobalt glove also comes in a range of sizes that range from extra small and small to medium, large and extra large. The 4 mil thickness of the glove also ensures that there is plenty of give for tight fitting hands without the worry of tearing. And do not worry about flexibility, the glove is very flexible and does not restrict the movement of your hand and fingers.

The glove is also fully textured which means that with its incredible thickness, it has an inbuilt grip that can grip most tools and materials, making it an excellent glove for those working in engineering, construction and the automotive industries. They are also great for budding green fingered gardeners who need a glove that can withstand prickly weeds, protect their hands from the mud and allow them to grip various gardening tools.

It is worth noting that these gloves only come in the cobalt blue colour, which might affect you if you have a colour coordinated system when it comes to personal protective equipment such as gloves. For example, you might only use cobalt blue gloves for general cleaning and white gloves for food prep. Furthermore the glove is not silicone free so if you have an allergy to silicone or a hypersensitivity to it then you should perhaps consider a different glove.

In summary the Microflex Cobalt glove is a versatile glove that can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from household cleaning to catering, DIY and automotive work and even as part of personal protective equipment of healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and carers. It is a product that is long lasting, is made of a high quality nitrile material and is available in a number of sizes for those extra big and extra small hands.

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