AED Outdoor Alarmed Ventilated Heated & Monitored Cabinet

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AED Outdoor Alarmed Ventilated & Heated Photo Controlled Monitored

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  • SaveStation Outdoor Standard 500 Cabinet includes a high
    visibility mounting panel with Public Access Defibrillator
    The cabinet features an audible and visual alarm, transparent
    cover for maximum AED visibility, an integrated luminosity
    a sensor that will illuminate the cabinet in low light conditions, as
    well as a ventilation and heating system that automatically
    activates to maintain the AED operational requirements in
    typical North American climates.
    A photo control camera with an infrared lens automatically takes
    pictures when the Cabinet is opened and if the AED is
    Remotely monitors and communicates AED operational status
    and condition using a LAN/ethernet or cellular data connection.
    4-year cellular monitoring service plan included.
    Comes complete with a customizable 911 Location Decal.
    Includes an outdoor electrical kit with power supply, waterproof
    junction box, pre-electrical set & installation guide. Please refer
    to Local Jurisdiction Electrical requirements. Installation to be
    performed by a Certified Electrician only.
    For use with all AED brands and models.Mounting Panel Dimensions: 18.75″ W x 0.32″ D x 30” H
    Cabinet Outside Dimensions: 15″ W x 7.5″ D x 16.5″ H

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