ShockLink System


ShockLink is a device created for more realistic BLS and ALS defibrillation training. It allows you to use your live defibrillators for training without safety concerns. ShockLink can be used with any manikin, but when used with Laerdal LINK Technology manikins, ShockLink communicates with the training manikin via the ShockLink pads and allows for feedback devices to detect correct pad placement.


  • ShockLink Device with ShockLink Remote Control (1)
  • Laerdal training pads (1)
  • ShockLink Pouch (1)
  • Important Product Information (1)
  • User Guide (1)
  • AAA battery 1.5V DC (1)
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ShockLink allows you to connect live defibrillators to training manikins, creating more realistic BLS and defibrillation training.

Connect ShockLink to training pads and a standard defibrillator to begin training. The shock energy from a defibrillator is defused in the ShockLink cable. This solution means that you can train on most manikins, removing the need for specialized defibrillator training manikins with chest studs or a load box to absorb the shock.

Item includes:

  • ShockLink Device
  • User Guide
  • Defibrillator Training Pads for ShockLink
  • ShockLink Remote Control
  • ShockLink Pouch


ShockLink can currently connect to a range of defibrillators. Here you can find out how to connect and if an adapter is needed.

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