AED for Paramedic Training Schools

EMS Superstore has AEDs for Paramedic Training Schools and they are available for training and practice. AEDs can be used in conjunction with CPR when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest. AEDs give those that are in Paramedic Training Schools a great sense of the type of equipment that will be used in the field to help save someone for a sudden cardiac event. EMS Superstore has all the AED for Paramedic Training Schools and other training materials that you need to keep your students safe and confident when they enter a real-life situation where someone needs an AED to save their life.

Why purchase an AED for Paramedic Training Schools

AEDs are essential in training; in which they can be used in conjunction with CPR to give students a great sense of the type of equipment they’ll use. AEDs are an excellent safety tool for training students and others on how to properly act and treat a sudden cardiac event with both CPR and AEDs as both have their function in saving someone’s life.

The benefits of having an AED in the classroom.

Classrooms are a great place to have AEDs as the when someone is having a sudden cardiac event there is very limited time available to provide CPR and defibrillation. AEDs in the classroom will help to minimize this time in a real life scenario so that the person can have a better chance of survival.

As practice makes perfect, AEDs in the classroom will also allow for students to get hands-on experience with using this life saving equipment. With there being a large variety of sizes, paddles and features the more experience they have the better they will be able to use CPR and AEDs in the critical moments

What are some features to look for when purchasing a new AED.

In a classroom setting it is best to have as many different type of AEDs one can acquire to help allow the students or others attending to both have proper AED placement and AED use.

How to maintain and store AEDs properly.

Like with any type of machine a variety of maintenance is needed to make sure that it is functioning at peak capacity for when the time come for it to be used. AEDs should not be used on patients if the machines themselves have not been checked for any problems. A good way is to keep them plugged in and tested every six months to make sure the AED is working properly and will be ready for use when needed.

When storing AEDs they should not be stored in a area where temperature changes are common. A good place would be indoors away from windows or areas that experience extreme heat or cold temperatures, such as garages and attached sheds. It’s also important to keep them away from areas with a lot of humidity. Overall AEDs should be stored in a place where they will be easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

The EMS Superstore is, and always has been about focusing on one mission: selling quality professional life saving equipment, providing second to none customer service, and an unselfish commitment to you, our customers 24/7. If you have any questions about AED for Paramedic Training Schools or our other products please call us at (770) 672-7911 or fill out our contact us form and we will assist you in any way we can.




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