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Includes: Handle, 2 Replacement Cartridges, Double Male Connector, Adaptor Tip, and Directions for Use.

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Get a good grip on handling even the toughest suction scenario with Laerdal’s V-VAC Manual Suction Unit. It’s ready to go, easy to use, and up to the task. Ideal for First Responder emergency kits and as back-up suction, it meets all your suction needs, infant through adult. One-handed operation, one-piece disposable cartridge, and unique no-clog suction tip make the V-VAC the manual suction unit of choice!

Always ready for use

The V-VAC Manual Suction Unit is lightweight, weighing less than 0,3 kgs, and easily portable. It is small enough to fit in EMS bags, or first aid kits, and is ready to go when you are. As soon as you squeeze it, the Manual Suction Unit provides a powerful suction range between 170-280 mmHg and 70 Liters per minute (LPM).

Patient and personnel conscious

The V-VACs suction tip has been made to prevent tube occlusions (No clog Suction tip) and is made of extra soft plastic to avoid soft tissue damage. The disposable one-piece cartridge eliminates the need to clean contaminated parts, and the adjustable handle is easy to clean, so that it is ready the next time you need it.


Product features:

  • All in one system adjusts for high and low vacuum suctioning
  • Adapter tip allows for wide range of catheter connections
  • Exceeds 380 mmHg suction with peak air flow of over 70 liters per minute
  • Unique no-clog suction tip resists clogging
  • Disposable one piece collection cartridge makes cleanup easy
  • Light weight design and compact size allow for storage in emergency bags, nursing offices, and first aid stations
  • Reusable handle is easy to clean and put back into repeated service
  • Low cost and manual operation make V-VAC Manual Suction Unit the right choice for extended storage in mass casualty kits

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V-VAC Manual Suction Unit each, Replacement Cartridge, Adult, each, Adapter Tips, 4/bag, Suction catheter adapter

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