Masimo, EMMA ™ Capnograph Kit


Portable Real-time Capnography with Bluetooth® Connectivity

  • Immediate results
  • Small, portable capnograph
  • Designed to fit easily onto a breathing circuit
  • Rugged design
  • Easy to maintain
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Radius PCG connects wirelessly to the Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity platform to provide seamless, tetherless mainstream capnography for patients of all ages. The device requires no routine calibration and minimal warm-up time, with fully accurate EtCO2 and respiration rate measurements and continuous EtCO2 waveforms displayed within 15 seconds.1 Its cable-free design and quick Bluetooth pairing provide the benefits of reliable capnography and connection to Root without the burden or clutter of additional cables, facilitating easy movement between care areas, as patients move through the hospital, and in busy operating rooms where space is already at a premium, improving workflow. In addition, the lack of cable reduces the possibility of an interruption in capnography monitoring by minimizing tugging on the breathing circuit.

Root’s large, multi-touch high-resolution screen provides an easily interpretable display of large, crisp EtCO2 waveforms, improving visibility and assisting clinicians in identifying wave patterns suggestive of airway obstruction or tube dislodgement. Clearly displayed trend data for up to 96 hours helps clinicians review patient progress over time, helping guide ventilation efforts.

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface for quick setup and one-touch programming
  • Battery life up to 10 hours with two standard AAA lithium batteries
  • Audible and visual alarm system for No Adapter, Clogged Adapter, No Breath (Apnea), Low Battery, Zero Point Adjustment, and adjustable High and Low EtCO2 alarms
  • Easy to maintain with no routine calibration required
  • Small, portable design easily stores in a crash cart

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