SkillGuide for QCPR Manikins by Laerdal Medical


Part Number: 170-30050




Use with Resusci Anne & Resusci Baby manikins with QCPR.

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SkillGuide for QCPR Manikins by Laerdal Medical. The new SkillGuide provides the ability to measure, track, and therefore improve students CPR skills. Small, lightweight, and portable, it is an ideal adjunct to the Resusci Anne and Resusci Baby manikins with QCPR.
Now instructors have an economical way to have live feedback during training to provide an objective review of each student’s performance. Real-time feedback for compression depth, and rate; incomplete release (chest rebound between compressions); and ventilation volume. Summarized feedback in correct compression percentage, correct ventilation percentage, CPR duration in minutes & seconds, and flow time percentage.
Three modes feature feedback, blind, and debriefing. Connects to manikins via 3.5mm plug (included).

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