The EMS Superstore is the Medical Supply Store for you

The EMS Superstore is the Medical Supply Store for you.

The EMS Superstore is your one-stop retail shop for all your medical supply needs, CPR courses, and more. It’s not just any other store you come across. It’s your special medical supply store located at 2550, Sandy Plain Rd Suite 125, Marietta, GA. If you reside in Marietta, GA, do not seek any further as it offers you all the medical supplies both physically or online. The store is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm and it’s easy to access as we are in the city center. You can make your order online and pay for the goods and shipping costs for goods to be delivered to a place convenient for you. Below is a list of products and services that we have especially during this period of COVID-19.

EMS / Fire Supplies

The medical supply store has all the accessories and supplies you need for a fire break emergency. They range from respiratory care, safety & vests, stop bleed kits, suctions, ventilators, bags/cases, fire featured, fire gear & equipment, infection control, and others. At our medical supply store, all our retail prices are quite friendly and delivery is offered to your doorstep at a reasonable price.

CPR courses and supplies

We are an authorized training center by the American Heart Association to offer CPR courses for medical health officers, corporate workers, and also individuals. This is a suitable course that can help you offer first aid in case of an emergency as you wait for a nurse or a doctor to take over the patient. It’s worth taking it even for the sake of giving first aid care to your own family. Your training materials are readily available at the medical supply store at reasonable prices. You are assured of a certificate after your course. Save lives especially during this period of COVID-19 outbreak by enrolling for the CPR course.

AEDs supplies and trainers

We have AEDs trainers as well and offer AEDs supplies which include AED Accessories, Philips AEDs, AED cabinets, or wall mounts at our medical supply store.

EMT’s Medical Professionals and supplies

At EMS medical supply stores, we also offer EMT courses for EMTs and paramedics. This is a suitable course for emergency cases which is also in line with CPR. An EMT can also be referred to as an ambulance technician. They can resuscitate patients with trauma or heart attacks. As an EMT, you need to be well-equipped to help the patient. All the medical tools for studying and usage during emergencies are available at our medical supply store at affordable prices.

In conclusion, The EMS Superstore is proud to work with you and we’re always looking forward to offering our esteemed customers quality products and services. All our courses are suitable for ages 18 to 60 years. Our equipment and supplies are offered at retail prices with a discount of 5-10%. It’s advisable to know that the CPR courses are not limited to medical officers alone but also suitable for individuals. You can save your life, your friends, and your family through basic knowledge. We will equip you with knowledge and essential medical supplies at our medical supply store. Stay safe.

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