The AED Store

If you are looking for professional life-saving equipment, look no further than the EMS Superstore.

At the EMS superstore, we provide pieces of equipment that are original and of high quality.

EMS superstore is also known as the AED store for one of the products that you can find in the EMS superstore is the Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

This machine available at AED store is normally used to restart a casualty’s heart hence a piece of good equipment is necessary in this case.

The following are some of the functions that AED equipment from AED store performs.


AED Ease of use

The AED that we provide at the AED store is quick efficient to use in that it can be used to perform its work at crucial minute that is emergency time before help arrives hence it can increase someone’s chances of survival.

Works well with CPR since CPR requires strength while pumping casualty’s lungs AED reads the heartbeat.


Who can use the AED ?

The AED provided at the EMS Superstore can be used on adults and children who are one year old and above.

The AED Can be used by anybody not much skill is required for it is designed to analyze casualty’s heart’s rhythm and then it gives one visual or voice prompts to guide one performing CPR on a casualty through each step.

It can be used while waiting for help from a professional or before an ambulance arrives hence bringing the casualty’s heart back to its normal pumping.


It is portable

This is key in that especially while performing emergency first aid services because can be easily carried from one point to the other with no delay hence portability comes in handy.

User manual

Once you purchase the AED from the AED store it comes with a user manual that gives directions on how to use the equipment while performing the first aid on the casualty.

The user manual id is written and also available in voice form this helps the person performing CPR to use it well without any strain.

Has instructing pictures on the pad that instructs the user on where to put them while performing first aid on a casualty. That is on the chest of the casualty when the clothes are already cut away from the casualty.

Additionally, it has beeping sounds that instructs one on what to do while carrying out emergency treatment on a casualty.

In conclusion

The AED greatly helps in providing chest compression resulting in rescuing breaths on a casualty this can help to increase his or her chances of survival.

It is easy and ready to use with no difficulty one can carry out CPR while using the AED equipment before emergency help arrives.

Its high quality makes it to be usable for a longer period; the AED from AED store can be used severally when used as per the instructions.

Looking for an AED store? Look nowhere else than the EMS superstore. We are quick and responsive to your call.

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