G3+ Clinician Applications

The G3+ Clinician EMS jump bag can be used for multiple applications, including (contents not included—backpack only):

  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support)
  • BVM (Bag Valve Mask)
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • O2 (Accommodates D or Jumbo D Oxygen Cylinder)
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G3+ Clinician Construction

The G3+ Clinician EMS jump bag is designed with one large main compartment on top, a smaller compartment on the bottom, and two side compartments. The main and smaller compartments are separated by a removable shelf that can be removed to make one large compartment.

The main top compartment is enclosed with a lift-off lid with full-length zippers.

The unique design gives you dual access points and allows for quick access from either a vertical or laying-flat position.

The customizable and removable dividers in the main compartment can be arranged in limitless configurations. This allows you to store your Stat Packs Cell System and accommodates all Stat Packs modules in many different ways.

The foam-molded shoulder straps and a padded breathable back panel enable comfortable transport of vital emergency medical equipment.

The two side pockets feature full-length zippers that allow you to lay them out to view all the contents and give you easy access.

Multiple grab handles on the EMS jump bag allow you to quickly grab it on the go. Large silicone rings are attached to the ends of each zipper to make it easy to zip and unzip.

New G3+ Upgrades for Our EMS Jump Bags:

The G3+ Clinician features the latest innovations, including:

  • Advanced Fabric Technology: Our upgraded material makes our EMS jump bags stronger and more resistant to abrasion and water. It also has a striking high-gloss sheen that enhances visibility, both in day and night operations. This ensures you’re easily “seen on the scene.”
  • Transparent “Mono-Mesh” Compartments: Introducing transparent sections incorporating our proprietary “Mono-Mesh” technology. This innovation streamlines upkeep, augments durability, and obviates the need for constant attention. The transparent design also accelerates equipment access, enabling swift item identification.
  • “Stand-Strong” Reinforced Base: The fortified base panel integrates “Stand-Strong” engineering, which enables the bag to remain effortlessly upright on any surface. This guarantees easy access, even in high-stress situations.

Cutting-Edge Material Used for Our EMS Jump Bags

Our EMS jump bags are meticulously crafted utilizing a state-of-the-art high-performance elastomer. This remarkable material combines many mechanical, physical, and chemical attributes to cater to the most exacting end-use demand

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